Sungkyunkwan University--Prof. Sam Oh:iSchool在数据科学、数字人文和数据监护三个专业和 方向中的尝试



时      间:2019年12月17日(周二)10:00

地      点:365bet开户地址918会议室


专家简介:Sam Oh Sam Oh is a professor at Sungkyunkwan University (established in 1398), Seoul Korea and an affiliate professor at University of Washington (UW) iSchool. Prior to joining SKKU, he taught at the UW iSchool for 4 years as an assistant professor. His teaching and research interests include metadata and ontology design, data modeling, data analytics and knowledge management (KM). He has extensive consulting experiences for companies and government sectors in Korea. He is the current chair of iSchools International gave consultation to many schools desiring to be iSchool members. He chaired TC46/SC9 (Identification & Description)

报告简介:This talk will present three iSchool initiatives launched to develop Data Science, Digital Humanities, and Data Curation programs that capitalize on the interdisciplinary methods already embedded in our curricula and facilitates opportunities for close-knit collaboration with other campus units. This talk will give reports on the current work of three iSchool Curriculum Committees and future directions. It will also highlight what the important building blocks are in creating unique iSchool ‘Data Science’, ‘Digital Humanities’, and ‘Data Curation’ curricular.  本次讲座将介绍近期iSchool联盟提出的三项倡议,以发展“数据科学”、“数字人文”和“数据监护”专业方向。iSchool联盟的很多学校的课程中,已应用跨学科的方式、通过这些专业和项目促进了iSchool和校内其他学科的紧密合作。此外还将介绍iSchool联盟这三个专业的课程委员会目前的工作和未来发展方向,再建设iSchool“数据科学”、“数字人文”和“数据监护”三个专业方向的课程和模块时,应如何突出iSchool的特色和专长。